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2018 CATS Workshop Schedule

Last workshop this year! Dec. 1/2 – Toronto, ON


New Workshop Format

This workshop combines the technique from Level I and II. The workshops focus on mastering the CATS technique. All the research and academics are available in the manuals.

  • Level I technique is palpation and adjustments of all the sutures and related cranial bones.
  • Level II technique is the indents and protrusions of the hard parts of the cranial bones. Concussion manual, Brain nutrition, Plagiocephaly, Failure to Latch, cosmetic adjusting of all the bones in the face (orbits, and the eyes, nasal and septum, TMJ, zygomatic, maxilla) and inside the mouth (tonsils, hard palate, eustachian tube).

Registration Requirements for the Advanced workshop.

You must have completed:

  • Level I and II, either separately or combined as in 2017.
  • If you have completed Level 1, Level II can be done via video
  • Five case studies submitted

Agenda for Advanced workshop.

  1. Review of palpation and adjustments
  2. Advanced CATS adjustment techniques
  3. Concussion full treatment protocol
  4. How to be a better adjuster
  5. Treatment protocol, how to present it
  6. What to say to the patients, Examination and report of findings
  7. Out of town protocol
  8. What to expect letter
  9. Maintinence
  10. Testimonies, videos, radio interviews
  11. Autism, Down’s and CP protocols
  12. How to stay young
  13. How to stay motivated
  14. My semi-retirement practice schedule