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2019 C.A.T.S. Workshop Schedule

Due to popular demand, Dr. Roger L. Turner, D.C. will be presenting C.A.T.S. training seminars through 2019. All classes present the popular new C.A.T.S. Technique, Combined Level 1 & 2 course. In these highly informative sessions, Dr. Turner presents hands-on learning sessions of his proprietary Cranial Adjusting Turner Style techniques.

The cost for a workshop is $899 Canadian.

  • If you have previously purchased both Level 1 and Level 2 DVD courses, a 20% discount is applied to the cost of workshops (ask for a coupon code).
  • If you have previously taken a C.A.T.S. workshop, a 50% discount is applied to the cost of successive workshops. (ask for a coupon code).

2019 Workshop Schedule

Dr. Roger L. Turner, D.C., demonstrates Cranial Adjusting Turner-Style techniques for adjusting the bones in the skull. Using these proprietary techniques, practitioners can deliver measurable results rapidly, and positively impact patient outcomes. If your patients suffer headaches, blurred vision, brain fog, learning difficulties, or memory loss, C.A.T.S. offers a safe, fast, and effective way to correct underlying cranial misalignments.

All C.A.T.S. workshops, presented live or on DVD qualify for Continuous Education Hours: Ontario (16 Hours), BC (12 Hours).

Registration Requirements

  • Advanced palpation and adjusting skills.
  • Full size plastic skull.