Introduction to C.A.T.S. (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style)

Learn how to manually adjust the 22 cranial bones above the atlas individually and specifically. When the skull is misaligned that decreases the CSF, blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain which interferes with brain function.

Online C.A.T.S. Workshop

Due to the current circumstances, C.A.T.S. Workshop is now going to be online. Learn the anatomy of the cranium, how to palpate the skull, understand what you are examining, and the official cranial adjusting technique to dramatically change your patients’ health, emotional well being and cognitive abilities.

Benefits to expect in your practice after taking the online course:

You will gain a comprehensive knowledge base.

Gain proficiency with palpating and adjusting the Cranial sutures.

Improved clinical outcomes with existing neurology patients.

Confidence with more difficult cases, such as different types of headaches.

Oversee a full concussion treatment protocol.

Provide help to those who no one else could.

Hear How These People Benefited From
CATS Technique