C.A.T.S. Level One

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About Course

The course will cover various topics on C.A.T.S. such as cranial mapping, palpation and examination, cranial adjusting, supplements, treatment protocols, and complex cases.


Topics for this course

11 Lessons


The introduction to the C.A.T.S course includes a brief description about the course and how to navigate the different lessons. There is a list of course materials, a question area, link for a coloured skull, and access to the C.A.T.S. Facebook community.
Introduction and course materials

C.A.T.S. Course?

Level one is an introduction to cranial adjusting technique. The following videos have been recorded from a live seminar. In these videos, Dr. Turner gives you an detailed understanding of what to expect from the course with examples of the tremendous results that he gets with using the C.A.T.S. technique.

Cranial Adjusting Technique?

Each video teaches you how to adjust the different parts of the skull. 1 - Stretching and Traction 2 - Frontal Bone 3 - Parietal Bone 4 - Temporal Bone 5 - Occipital Bone 6 - Sphenoid Bone

Plan of Action?

You've done it! You have learned the basics of the cranial adjusting technique. Now take what you have learned and start applying it to your practice. You won't believe the new opportunities that can arise and the difference you will make in people's lives.
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