Webinar Series: LIVE

Ignite Your Practice And Learn The Skills You Need To

Change The Lives Of Anyone

Suffering With A Head Injury

Whatever style of practice you have,

we are here to help you.

Join Dr. Roger Turner, creator of Cranial Adjusting (C.A.T.S.) to learn:

  • Palpation of the skull, and upper neck
  • What is Cranial acupressure
  • Where to start
  • What to look for
  • Cranial anatomy and landmarking
  • How much pressure to use
  • SOAP Notes
  • And more…

Practitioners that have been unable to attend our seminars can learn cranial acupressure techniques online and LIVE!

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    Dr. Roger Turner, DC

    Dr. Roger Turner D.C.

    Creator/Owner of C.A.T.S. with 46 years of experience changing lives.




    “I have developed a technique to reduce & remove cranial nerve interference to get results that last”

    “Dr. Roger Turners C.A.T.S. procedures could well be the missing element in brain based cranial manipulation. His work and concepts have taken this critically important field of manual therapy to new levels with outstanding results.”
    “CATS truly has revolutionized my practice. Not only has it allowed me to treat new conditions which I couldn’t reach before, it has helped my existing patients reach new levels of satisfaction.
    “I saw patient after patient who had attained amazing results, unheard of with just spinal adjustments and I learned so much”
    Dr. Helena M. Beacom D.C., Beacom Family Chiropractic