Ottawa. October 21/22

//Ottawa. October 21/22

Register now for Ottawa. October 21/22, 2017.

If you can palpate and adjust with your hands, then C.A.T.S. is easy to learn and you can implement it on the Monday morning after the workshop.

Learn how to manually adjust the 22 cranial bones above the atlas individually and specifically. When the skull is misaligned that decreases the CSF, blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain which interferes with brain function.

This year we are focusing on the ability of our current CATS practitioners and improving their technique skills. We are doing technique only workshops. There will be no academic content. Both Level and Level II technique will be covered in the two-day workshop.

Palpation skills will be reviewed and improved. Each cranial adjustment will be reviewed in detail and application perfected. The goal of these workshops is to bring the CATS practitioners skill up to enable them to get the same level of results as Dr.T

If you have taken Level I, you will get the refresher fee of $450.00 (CDN). If you are new, the fee will be $799.00 (CDN). All manuals for both level will be included. After Sept 29th, registration is $600 for a refresher, or $949 for new.