I am very impressed with the CATS adjusting system. Wow!

I utilized the CATS Level I palpation and adjustments my first day in the office, I love it. People love how relaxed they feel after assessing and adjusting the occiput properly before the atlas, and helping headaches, sinus pressure and many other things.

I was just “popping sore backs and necks”. Now, I feel that sense of purpose and focus returning. I feel like THIS is what I got into Chiropractic for. I want to tackle the challenges of all the areas that were covered in the videos. I want to MASTER and focus on and become the Chiropractor that is in demand, not just a diversified insurance commodity.

I was burned out early in my career. Now, I feel that with this incredible technique, I will get back to practicing Chiropractic and LOVE it again.

THANK YOU. I appreciate the work you have put into CATS and that you share it via video and seminar. I loved the videos and it made it easy to implement. Seeing and feeling it work right away was incredible.

Thank you again Roger, this has kindled a fire in me that I have not felt for many years.

Brandon Schultz