Dr. Roger Turner’s CATS technique is truly revolutionary, groundbreaking, and one of the most exciting techniques I have ever learned in my chiropractic career. It gives you the ability as a doctor to correct, restore, and optimize brain function by correcting the alignment of the cranial bones. Fiske-in-Clinic-2The adjustment is easy, fast, and painless. It produces both immediate and cumulative results. You will be able to improve or heal concussions, chronic severe migraines, brain fog, sleeping problems, learning disabilities, ADD, even autism. I have seen astonishing, near miraculous recoveries – – and so will you. Word-of-mouth excitement has spread like wildfire through my practice and I am now completely full. I urge you to learn this amazingly powerful technique and help your patients in ways you never thought were possible.

Michael Fiske DC
Vacaville CA