Live Webinar Series

Free 1 hour webinar with

Dr. Roger Turner D.C.

Cranial Palpation

Introduction to C.A.T.S. (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style)

Learn how to manually adjust the 22 cranial bones above the atlas individually and specifically. When the skull is misaligned that decreases the CSF, blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain which interferes with brain function.

Attend a C.A.T.S. Workshop

C.A.T.S. is easy to learn. Yet your adjustments can lead to dramatic changes in your patients’ health. emotional well being and cognitive abilities. With this cranial adjustment technique:

  • non-verbal children speak
  • children read better
  • chronic headaches disappear
  • vision and hearing improves
  • brain fog is lifted

Palpation and technique skills will be reviewed and improved. Each cranial adjustment will be reviewed in detail and application perfected. The goal of these workshops is to bring the CATS practitioners skill up to enable them to get the same level of results as Dr. T.

Benefits to expect in your Practice after attending the workshops:


You will gain a comprehensive knowledge base, as well as a unique clinical understanding of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and concussions. You will start to gain proficiency with palpating and adjusting the Cranial sutures Turner Style. Your clinical outcomes will be improved with your existing Neurology patients. You’ll be able to successfully take on more difficult challenges, such as: different types of headaches.


Your Clinic will stand out in your area, as the Go To place for specialized neurological care. So many families are already struggling with Special Needs Children and Learning difficulties, as demonstrated by the instantly recognizable array of acronyms (ASD, ADHD) and diagnostic labels (Down’s, Cerebral Palsy) that have entered everyone’s daily vocabulary. Youth sports are acutely aware of dwindling registrations based on parental concerns over concussions. Amazing results will grow your reputation and attract more specialized cases.


You have now embraced the most advanced CATS adjusting techniques. You can oversee the full concussion treatment protocol. Your confidence will be at a new high and you will become the DC in your area for anything cranial, or neurological. Instead of worrying about having enough patients to stay busy, you will have to manage a waiting list; patients will travel long distances, even from overseas and face logistical problems, like nearby accommodations, that your office can expedite. The problems have become universal. The solutions are specific to our group of CATS specialists.

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